Saturday, November 5, 2011

Brother Can You Save a Dime?

I was informed by the boss of my day job that we should have more benefit options for next year. Actually, we will have benefit options for the first time. I have worked here several years, and while business prospered the place is still small. When I could, I made contributions to the existing IRA Accounts left over from two previous jobs. It is not unlike dealing with an online broker, because all transactions are done via the Internet, though it feels like I haven't saved much over the years.

Of course, I realize your retirement total depends on the state of the economy. You invest in mutual funds, you're doing it for the long haul, and I have been fortunate that I didn't take as large a hit as others I know who had larger pots. My husband, for example, hurt a bit, but we are slowly recovering. We've been tempted to try online trading to try to recover some of the losses, but we have other considerations right now. There is a chance we may be able to buy the condo we are renting, so we will need to set some money aside in the event we can make that happen.

In the meantime, the proposition of stock trading may have to wait for a while. I am also setting money into a 529 for the little one. Luckily we have a while before we pack her up to State U., or wherever, but by that time tuition could be ridiculous. Maybe mobile trading would help now that I have the means to do it.

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