Monday, October 24, 2011

Writing to the Beat

I've mentioned here more than once that I typically listen to music when I write. I don't have to reiterate which bands rotate most often on my iTunes (if you read this blog, you know), but lately I find it's time to refresh the playlist and hopefully find new inspirations. A co-worker is rather fond of Lil Wayne and suggested I give him a try. Of course, he may have said it in jest. Who would suggest a rap artist to somebody like me, eh?

Well, never let it be said I'm not one to try new things, and genres. Though I'm a classic rock gal at heart, I do occasionally dip into rap and hip-hop when the situation calls for it. I decided to hit Lil Wayne's VEVO channel on Youtube, and I will say I rather liked some of the entries. There is one song in particular called "Knockout" which also features vocals by Nicki Minaj, another new to me singer. I liked the hard rock rhythms of this song, which differed greatly from the other Lil Wayne offering I tried - "Lollipop." I think "Knockout" appealed to me more because it had more of a rock sound, though the moments of auto-tuning did distract me. I don't really feel the auto-tune feature adds to music, but now that I have been introduced to these artists I have a feeling I will be adding some new songs to my writing repertoire. 

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