Friday, October 21, 2011

Slouching Room Only

It may surprise some long-time readers here that I have no plans to attend the movie theater screening of the upcoming Rush Live in Cleveland concert. Yes, I am a huge fan - literally and figuratively - but this time I am afraid the show is not doable for me. Unlike obtaining something like Jennifer Lopez Tickets, it wasn't a question of a sold-out show. It's on a school night, and as a mom I find I'm falling victim to that obstacle.

Now, were I in the market for Ringling Brothers Circus Tickets or Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets, I would consider allowing the little one to stay out late. Events like that are once in a blue moon. Seeing as how my husband would be unable to come with me to the Rush show, I don't see the fun in going with a small child, though she likes the music.

Perhaps one night our schedules will align for a nice event. I wouldn't be interested in, say, Joel Osteen Tickets but maybe nicely positioned Jeff Dunham Tickets on a night we could get a sitter. Until then, I will have to limit concerts to the weekends.

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