Monday, October 31, 2011

Keeping Warm

One morning we woke up to freezing cold. Of course, we knew to expect this, since this is a phenomenon that happens every year around this time. Living in the South, however, we have usually benefited from a prolonged Autumn season, but this year the wacky weather seems to have given Fall a miss and taken us straight to Winter.

It feels that way, anyway. I try to go as long as possible without digging through the closet for fur vests or wool coats, whatever wards off the chill. With a little one in the family now, though, I like to set an example and bundle up so she also has reason to do so.

My husband has said if he finds fur jackets for sale he might get me one. It would depend on style and price for me - things are tight right now, and we are always looking for ways to save money yet stay warm. A reasonably priced jacket that fits without being too tight around the arms and chest area is all I ask. That, and smaller arms. :-)

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