Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Breaking Up With Myself

This is probably one of the more difficult posts I will write. It's heartbreaking for me because I am a romantic optimist - when I hear news of an engagement or wedding I get all mushy-happy inside and feel as though love has conquered all. That ending scene in Sense and Sensibility where Marianne strolls from the church on Colonel Brandon's arm? I could watch it over and again - I love that stuff. Yes, I like looking at Alan Rickman in period attire, too, but that's beside the point.

Really, it upsets me to hear of splits and divorces. I didn't like it when Ken and Emma broke up, and although public opinion doesn't sway toward Heather Mills I was initially happy that Sir Paul had found love after Linda. The ensuing years of that marriage changed my mind greatly, but I still hold out hope for the third Mrs. Macca-to-be.

Anyway, I am going somewhere with this rambling. No, I'm not divorcing my husband - check the title. I am splitting up with myself. Rather, Kat and Leigh are going their separate ways. Each has become too large to fit inside one blog, and as Kat and Leigh write on opposite ends of the fiction spectrum, it makes sense that each has a home to better promote her works.

Therefore, you will find Kat's new blog available elsewhere. Eventually, many of her things will gradually disappear from this site so that she may be able to establish a stronger presence on her own. Don't worry about them, though. Kat and Leigh remain a huge part of each other and will share custody of their love for Rush and the Beatles and books and Angry Birds. They may even visit each other's blogs on occasion, we're still hashing out the details.

In short, here you'll find the sexy goodness, there you'll find the snarky goodness. Will the twain ever meet again? Well, Liz and Richard reunited once...


Lisa - papergrace said...

Oh thank God!! I started to get worried. :D Good to know where to find you...both? ;)

Tilly Greene said...

What if I call Leigh - Kat, and Kat - Leigh? Actually, I've normalled called you Kat, is that cool or should I be more careful?

Senile minds need to know :-)

Leigh E. said...

LOL. You can call me Kat, Leigh, hey you... I answer to pretty much anything.