Friday, September 9, 2011

Do Free Reads Work? They Must!

I recently received the news that my BBW romance short, Daringly Delicious, made the Top 20 in August at Phaze Books. I have to tell, nobody is more surprised than I am, and it's my hope everybody who bought the story enjoys it. It is, of course, part of the Dareville series, and you will find a spreadsheet here which lets you know the order of all the Dareville books. I am rather attached to this story and the H/H couple because I am somewhat of a big girl myself, and I believe of all the Dareville stories I get more feedback on this one.

I should mention, too, that Delicious is also in audio format for your MP3 and iPod. If you prefer to listen to books, consider downloading it. Be careful while driving, though, you remember what happened on Family Guy.

Anyway, I was wondering how this story in particular ended up on the bestseller list more than a year after its release. I'd like to think, well, the story's just that damn good (hee), but then I remembered recently I had submitted a Sizzle read to All Romance eBooks for their newsletter. "Daring Delights" was actually a sequel of sorts to Daringly Delicious, and the story was sent out to ARe's e-mail subscription database - over 72,000 people!

Now, I'd like to say that I sold 72,000 copies in a month, but the short sold modestly well for a backlist title. This event has me convinced there is merit in the occasional free story, especially if it's tied to an existing series. Something to think about it you're looking for promotional opportunities.

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Nay Nay said...

I agree that free reads make a difference. With today's economy, a lot of us are choosing to spend our money a little differently than before. I for one like to get a free read of an author I have never read to be able to see if I like their writing style and story lines. I have bought books by authors I never had before because of those free reads. So I say: continue with giving a free read once in a while. You never know who is going to buy your other books because of that free one.