Monday, July 4, 2011

Phaze Books 99 Cent Kindle Sale for July!

99 cents won't buy you a Sausage McMuffin with Egg anymore, but for under a dollar you can enjoy a whole different kind of...

Okay, that started out crudely. Do over.

Phaze Books is having an incredible 99 cent sale through Amazon Kindle. Now through July 31, you can buy a variety of back list and bestselling books from some very talented authors. M/M, paranormal, interracial, contemporary, all erotic and less than a buck each. Not only that, you can get Pithed on sale for 99 cents through July, too.

Fill up your eReader for some hot summer reading. Here's what is on sale:

Add a Little Mistletoe - Aliyah Burke, interracial erotic romance

Cassolette - Iona Blair, erotic suspense

Fascination Street - Bridget Midway, interracial BDSM erotic romance

From the Shadows - Jae Knight, paranormal erotic romance

Hot Georgia Winds - Charlotte Boyett-Compo, cougar erotic romance

- N, dark erotic suspense

Kiss of the Sun
- Racheal Pierce, vampire erotic romance

Last Chance for Love
- Brenna Lyons, fantasy erotic romance

Miller's Tale - GA Hauser, gay erotic romance

Mitigated Filth - Fenner Jekyll, erotic short stories

Morningstar - Jade Falconer, gay vampire erotic romance

Muse - Leigh Ellwood, erotic romance

My Deepest Love: Zack - Marie Rochelle, interracial erotic romance

Night Warriors - Brenna Lyons, fantasy erotic romance

Original Sin - Bridget Midway, science fiction erotic romance

Other People's Secrets - Cassie Walder, erotic romance

Relationships, Vol. 1 - Piers Anthony, short stories with erotic themes

Shadow Cat - Zoe LaPage, paranormal erotic romance

Taken by Storm - Marie Rochelle, interracial erotic romance

Tangled Web - Jade Falconer, gay erotic romance

Teacher's Pet - GA Hauser, gay erotic romance

The Question - Zena Wynn, interracial erotic romance

Three Days in New York City - Robin Slick, women's erotica

Truth or Dare - Leigh Ellwood, erotic romance

Under Distant Moons - Mara Kelly, fantasy erotic anthology

Waking Annabel - Jayelle Drewry, erotic romance with BDSM elements

Wind - Sarah Dickson, science fiction erotic romance

Sale ends on July 31, and it's only on Amazon Kindle!

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