Monday, June 27, 2011

What I'm Reading - Wait(s) For It

Until I picked up Tom Waits on Tom Waits via NetGallery for the rock music book blog, my only true exposure to the singer had been through a film called At Play in the Fields of the Lord. I don't recall too much about his performance now, since I've only seen the film one time...and that was during the first run. My then boyfriend, now husband, had read the book and is a fan of the author, so that was one date night. Truthfully, all I remember about the story is that it takes place in deep Brazil and John Lithgow yells a lot.

Nonetheless, I've picked up this book because I am intrigued by the subject. I'm one of these that tends to discover artists late. I didn't get into Zappa and Zevon until after both died, and I'm sure to look up Waits while the book is read - though he need not worry about his mortality right now.

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