Monday, June 6, 2011

What I'm Reading - Oh, Yoko!

Why do I read so many Beatles books? I don't know - why do some people enjoy reading science fiction, or endless Jane Austen sequels? I enjoy the stories, I suppose. The Beatles are one of my favorite groups, and since so few books are available about my other favorite band, I can delve into this large library until that situation changes. I tend to read more about John than the other three, mainly because there are more books about him, and probably because he was the more interesting of the four. At least, writers tend to think that way.

Of all the Lennon-related books I have read, though, Starting Over offers something unique - this is an in-depth oral history of the making of Lennon's final songs, which would comprise Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey. It is written very similarly to another recent read, Live From New York, a grouping of recollections of Saturday Night Live cast and crew. With Starting Over, we hear from people involved in those Hit Factory sessions. Lennon appears through archived interviews.

Right now I'm about a third of the way through and it is fairly interesting. As I read, I am listening to the albums, which I have not heard in their entirety in quite some time. More about that on the Books That Rock Us blog when the review is ready.

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Elsie Love said...

Thanks for the post. My girlfriend is a HUGE Lennon fan. This would make a great birthday gift for her.