Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me Me Me Me Me, and Me

Happy Hump Day, everybody! I hope the blog title doesn't sound too egotistical, but I wanted to use the time I had today to let you know where you can find information on my books and events I'm planning. Recently I received notes from readers with questions, so I thought I should share the answers here as well, as a good future reference. Let's get started:

My Back List: I have a complete list of all my books on a special blog post right here. I will update it with every new release. As you can see, I haven't had anything out since February, but I hope to amend that very soon. So many open projects going on right now, and with little one going to summer camp I hope that frees up some time to write and finish up some stuff.

My Dareville Stories: If you want to read these stories in order, I created this spreadsheet to guide you. Bear in mind, though, I plan to add more to the series, and the books might not come in order. As each new story comes out, you can consult the spreadsheet to see where the story falls in the time line. I'll try not to confuse everybody too much, but I have a feeling with the next few stories I'll move forward more rather than jump back and forth.

Let's Gab! I am almost always on Twitter, so feel free to DM or mention me @LeighEllwood if you have a question or comment. I'm also on the ARe Cafe, too, so feel free to friend me there. I tend to respond to Twitter and Facebook queries more often than email due to the nature of my job, so don't be shy.

Giveaways! I am in the process of clearing out my print inventory, so look out on Goodreads for some giveaways, and I plan to coordinate with ARe Cafe and other places for contests, too. Space comes at a premium in my home, and as I intend to cut down on appearances in 2012 due to little one growing up (have to attend Scout functions and the like) there won't be a reason much longer to have so many books. I've found, too, readers are digging the Kindle and Nook, and I have a feeling that's where it's at right now.

Now, if you wonder which format to buy and where to buy, I say do what is best for you. You can search Leigh Ellwood at Amazon Kindle, B&N, All Romance,, and I think even Kobo and Books on Board. It's all good. Buy the print, buy the eBook, check the interlibrary loan (though I'm not sure how well I've populated libraries)...if you read the read the book and love it, thanks so much! I also very much appreciate with sprinkles on top if you click a Facebook like button or Amazon like button associated with one of my titles. Every little bit helps. :-)

So have a great summer, and don't forget to stop by the social sites and say hello. :)

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