Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guest Blog: Rachelle Reese

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Nature's Inspirations for the Paranormal by Rachelle Reese

When designing a paranormal character, sometimes I look to nature to figure out how that character looks and moves. I have to look close. My best non-human characters emerge from studying a moth, a praying mantis, a hornworm.

The other day, a royal walnut moth happened into our house. I first saw her in the morning, clinging to a wall, asleep. Her furry bright orange head and legs were striking against her tan body. Her markings were cheerful, but when I looked close, I saw a king's crowned head imprinted just behind her own. A king or a demon? Hmmmm.

She rested on the wall all day. In the evening, she flitted about the room. My husband let her crawl onto his hand, where she stayed while we studied her and took her picture. At last, we decided to set her free. She didn't want to leave at first, so we walked with her until we found a tree to her liking. We left her there, clinging to the trunk of the tree, knowing she would live only long enough to lay her eggs.

As we walked away, we talked about where she fit in the Dime Store Novel world. You see, she does belong there – all of our fairies are modeled on moths and butterflies. We have some ideas about who she is, but none of them are concrete enough to share yet. She won't care, of course, about the character she inspired. Moths don't read (although some have been known to chew on paper).

Have you encountered characters that you think were inspired by insects? Or have you created some? Share your thoughts about how nature inspires the paranormal. If you want to know more about the Dime Store Novel world, visit our blog at

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