Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Blog: Judith Gaines

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A Prize Every Time by Judith Gaines

When I met my husband, he made it clear early on that if I truly loved him, I would have to listen to a lot of Rush. Until then, my impression of the trio consisted of passive toe tapping and awareness that the “smart” guys in my high school liked them. I listened to Duran Duran & the Police.

I’m not sure how many hours of CD thumping or my husband’s guitar solos it took for the music to sink in, but I began listening to the message and appreciating the musicianship. I studied piano and music theory as a kid, and later freelanced with a sound company setting up audio gear for local rock bands. I’m not an expert at composing or playing, but I recognize those who are. Top that with lyrics that resonate over time and mature from vinyl to CD to mp3—canvassing more than 40 years. I call that impressive.

Neil Peart is a legacy drummer with style that continues to evolve. At a point in his career when he could sit back and relax, he still challenges himself.

Neil Peart is also a writer.

His recent release, Far and Away; A Prize Every Time, grew from his blog and allows us to see into his very private life. I’m floored at how personal this is compared to his other books. It is nonfiction, yet reads with the rich detail of…. well, I don’t have a comparison. I think of his early books as the Charles Dickens of motorcycle travel. This is something much more.

I find myself re-reading passages and thinking on the questions he poses and his observations. So much mirrors my own thoughts and experiences. The last chapter wraps a South American motorcycle journey around the concept of “magical thinking”:

“As stated at the outset, I believe that everybody has their own version of magical thinking. My own “dream, dare, hope” approach to life is not based upon reason; it’s a kind of faith—that I will be able to accomplish something about which I dare to dream.”

This is such a strong statement on faith, and I can imagine variations on this thought supported him during trying times. Faith and determination to move forward is what makes you get out of bed every morning willing to try something new.

I wonder if that's why he decided to detour from the current tour to appear on Letterman or to share his wealth of personal photos and thoughts in his book. Neil continues to step outside his comfort zone to see what magic will occur.

When you finished your day, what prize did you get? Did you dare to try something new to reach your dreams?

Judith Gaines writes suspense fiction, with debut novel Perfect Copy recently holding the #2 Best Seller position on Smashwords Suspense/Thriller list.

She alternates duties as a Media Producer for professional sports franchises and regional advertising, as well as co-coordinator for the 99¢ Network.

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Judith Gaines said...

Thanks for letting me talk Rush.... I promise not go on and on, but I am listening to Snakes and Arrows this morning and wishing I had a show coming up.

I've only seen them play twice this year, Toronto last summer and then Greensboro, NC in April. Great shows and always fun.

I'm looking forward to their new releases.

Have a great Monday:)