Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Down at Fraggle Rock

Recently my six-year-old declared she had outgrown the icons of Disney Junior and Nick, Jr. This news spurred mixed feelings - I felt a touch of relief at the prospect of no longer having to suffer the Dora the Explorer theme, yet I worried that my daughter was moving too quickly along the cradle to grave train of popular culture. Given evolution in this respect, she is ahead of the curve where I was at that age. I heard her humming a Black Eyed Peas tune in the car the other day, and I figured maybe it was time to find a bridge before I'm forced to find tickets for some Pussycat Gaga concert, whatever's hot in a few years.

I'd heard of a planned comeback for the Fraggles. You remember the Fraggles, right? Remember the 80s? Fraggle Rock spanned the brief period we had HBO at home when I was growing up. Even in my tweens I felt drawn to the show; I credit Jim Henson for that, because when he was involved with the Muppet projects he had a way of presenting shows that communicated with you, rather than talked down at you. And Fraggle Rock was essentially a happy show - yes, each episode had it's "lesson," but it was done so subtly. The Fraggles did what Muppets do best, they entertained.

One thing I remember now, watching episodes with Little One on Netflix, is how some of these shows had serious moments. One show with Boober and Red trapped in a cave-in stand out - it unnerves me a bit to think about it, but I realize even though Little One is young she'll learn about these serious issues eventually. I mean, this show took on subjects like death, and not like that way these Pokemon type shows do...for a kid's show, that's pretty innovative.

I hope the Henson folks do revive the franchise. Can't wait to see where Traveling Matt ended up.

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