Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wine Wednesday: a (C)Rose by any other name...

There is a reason, if you are new to the wine scene, why you want to pay attention to vintage years. One thing my husband and I have learned while drinking our way around Central Virginia is that even though a vintner can plant the same grapes in the same ground one year after the other, the end result will not always be the same. Case in point: we have two bottles of a popular rose wine sold at King Family Vineyards, called Crose (crow-zay). If you're from the area, you get the joke. If not: the vineyard's official address is Crozet, Virginia (also crow-zay). Crozet is the setting of most of Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy novels, as well as home to a really good pizza joint. King is a favorite stop on the wine tour, and Crose is one reason.

But pay attention if you buy different vintages of this one. The most recent bottle we owned gave off a strong taste of grapefruit which practically overpowered the palate, while the previous stock of ours tasted much different. I don't know what happens in the time between vintages to create such a diverse range of tastes, but that is one of the fun things about getting to know wine. Every year is a new surprise, and the chance to discover new favorites. If you head to King this summer, take along a picnic. The lawns are huge and it's just a great place to hang out.

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