Monday, May 9, 2011

What I'm Reading: Like Sands Blowing in My Face...

I'll be showing my age here: I got hooked on Days of our Lives at thirteen, in the mid-1980s when the show was good. This was the prime Bo/Hope period, and perhaps the height of Stefano's villainy since he didn't have to share the spotlight with anybody else. If you watched around this time, you got to see a pre-Q John DeLancie and Roman before John came along and had his life history ret-conned back to the Stone Age. I got hooked because my parents finally broke down and got a VCR, and the first thing Mom did was set it to tape the show while we were out during the school year. It took several years, and infinite silly story lines (*cough* demon possession/serial killer Marlena), to break away.

While at RT in Los Angeles, several DAYS stars had a prime table for signing. Also there was Sheri Anderson, head writer, who is now penning books based upon the series. Now, these aren't the first DAYS books published. Back in the 80s, there was a house that had novelized the soap's early years. Dime-store style books that were numbered and released once a month - I think the same house did General Hospital and some other shows, too, but production didn't last long. I recall reading the first few, which covered Julie's adolescence and Marie's wedding woes - they were books one could read in a day. A Secret in Salem is taking me longer because I keep wanting to put it down.

Seriously, I'm up to chapter twelve and we haven't been to Salem yet, which somewhat irritates me. Characters are spread out all over Europe, and mixing with celebrities. How do I know? Anderson seems to have a fetish for name-dropping - this is like reading The Huffington Post. Everything is opulent and attached to a brand name, and everybody is glamorous. The POV shifts too much for my liking, and generally the story just doesn't grab me. I usually don't DNF books - I paid, so I stick it out - but something needs to happen here for me to want to finish.

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