Monday, May 16, 2011

What I'm Reading: Cool Britannia

I admit it, I am a total Anglophile with a royalty fetish. Though I'll admit I favor the Alison Weir and Jean Plaidy books to the Kitty Kelleys and Andrew Mortons. I think I've seen Mrs. Brown twenty times already and it never gets old, and if the local movie house brings back the original cut of The King's Speech I'll get a sitter.

Don't ask me why this is - it is somewhat an ingrained interest. I am fascinated by history, and surely the English monarchs have a large enough role in it.With all this Royal Wedding mania dying down, it seems like a good time to build up the TBR stack with some relevant reads. Much as I'm into royalty, though, I've tried to abstain from sensationalist biographies, which unfortunately rules out many works on contemporary figures. Yet I did pick up William and Kate recently because it was reasonably priced for the Kindle and the reviews looked promising. No, I didn't set my alarm for three AM that day, but I did watch the wedding in replay. Sue me, I suppose I am a sucker for happily ever after - though where modern royalty is concerned, the wedding is clearly the beginning. For those of us who remember the last time somebody in direct succession to the English throne married, we'll probably spend many years biting our nails and hoping for the best. Personally, I hope it does. There is an overall sense of unhappiness where relationships are concerned lately - people find old flames on Facebook, etc. We need more true love.

I also picked up another book - print this time, thanks to a coupon at Borders. Sovereign Ladies is a survey of the six ruling queens of England. That's right - for an empire that's existed since Day Seven, only six women have sat as sovereign. Quite an interesting bunch, too. Looking forward to this one.

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