Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free Kindle Book & German Translation

Now here's a Muppet news flash...

You can now download my short sci-fi YA inspirational, Seeking Cygnus, for free at Kindle. This short was written originally for an anthology, but I pulled it when I thought the work would not see print. The book eventually found a home and won an EPIC award. Good for them. I had shelved this one for a while afterward, and when DIY became all the rage put it out for sale. The response so far is promising, though I haven't seen any reviews yet. It is a sweet, simple story of a young woman with dreams beyond current scope, and her determination to break free. There are Rush references here, some might enjoy them. Hope you do.

In other news, I finally have the German translation of Share for sale. Mit Mir Teilen literally translates to "Share With Me," and to be honest I'm nervous about this one. Translations, particularly of romantic and erotic works, can be tricky - especially if you're dealing with a language that doesn't use the colorful language required for this sort of work. I understand some people have run into issues with Spanish translations in particular, since Latin American Spanish differs from European dialects. I know, too, from having dim sum with a Chinese friend that not all Chinese speak the same way.

So anyway, that's my big book news for today. I hope to have more on the horizon. Have a good day!

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