Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excerpt Tuesday - Love's DoMINion - 99 Cent Romance

Welcome back to Excerpt Tuesday, where you can enjoy a never before excerpted piece of my back list. Today, my rom-com light-BDSM novel, Love's DoMINion is on spotlight. It's available in eBook, and a print version will be back on shelves soon. This excerpt is slightly NSFW. Enjoy!

Video may have killed the radio star, but video games have done the complete opposite for Connie Raymond’s sex life! When Connie gets a hold of DoMINion, a real-life simulation game, she learns how quickly art, rather computers, imitate life … not to mention other things. Sex with animated characters, a video-enhanced BSDM dungeon … Pac-Man never had it so good.


This time the real Roy was the gentleman, arriving at eight exactly with a modest yet lovely array of wildflowers. Darla used a plastic tumbler for a vase and scooted out the door behind him, blowing a kiss into the house as Connie loaded the new game program.

“Try not to get our little friends arrested,” she warned playfully.

“How about pregnant?” Connie called, her trigger finger on the mouse.

“Not funny.”

Now alone, Connie chuckled to herself as the Min neighborhood came into aerial view. The love nest of Min Aaron and Min Suzy looked none the worse for wear, though Min Aaron was still on the couch where she had left him before replacing Min Connie inside the game. Min Connie was snug in her bed, as well.

Odd, Connie thought. Did he go back there afterward? From the looks of things, it appeared the game had been paused at the point she was transferred home. The clocks all registered two in the morning, with everybody frozen in time.

So she’d been gone that long? Yet, Darla came home at one and saw her on the couch.
Min Connie?

Connie shook her head. It was too much to comprehend right now, but it made sense. Her character had to go somewhere when she was displaced in the game. Assuming Connie could get back into DoMINion, and assuming this was all true, she hoped her Min counterpart would behave in the real world.

Palms sweating, she took a deep breath and maneuvered the mouse to the options menu. Yet, no matter how many combinations she tried on the drop-down menu, the Go! command couldn’t be found. Surely, she hadn’t imagined it last night! It had been the first of two choices to pop up when she moved to quit.

She tried the cheat code again, this time only boosting Min Connie’s income by twenty dollars. Perhaps she’d find a misplaced bill in a sweater pocket, she mused with a smile.

The smile quickly turned when that move didn’t yield the needed Go! command, either. Connie slapped the desk.

“Damn it!” Her pussy ached for want of a man’s touch, a Min’s touch. Furiously she rubbed her fingers over the crotch of her shorts and grasped at the Love’s DoMINion CD with her free hand. If it appeared she wouldn’t be getting any cock tonight, there was no reason why Min Connie shouldn’t suffer with her.

The module loaded quickly, and Connie’s eyes grew wide as she scrolled the new windows that exploded onscreen. Love’s DoMINion not only offered more options in terms of finding people to date, but present characters now had the opportunity to supplement their plain Min existences with a varied selection of kinky items and clothing.

The temptation to use the cheat code was too much for Connie, and she increased Min Connie’s bank account by another thousand dollars. Let her win another thousand dollars with the same numbers she played, Connie decided. Then Darla would have to believe that the game was enchanted.

The money in place, Connie soon gifted her pet with a sexy new wardrobe and an addition to her house—a fully-equipped BDSM dungeon. That she was able to make such purchases amazed Connie as she browsed the new inventories the expansion pack offered. She checked the box and noticed the tiny warning label on one corner—sale restricted to minors. Good thing, too.

She arranged the racks of whips and restraints with care, and moved the St. Andrew’s Cross to one corner, nudging it to a prominent position. In the middle of the room she positioned an all-purpose table and rack for personal pleasure. Nice.

Connie sighed, feeling a bit jealous of her counterpart. She had nurtured some interest in domination and submission in the past, but never acted upon her desires to dress in leather and wield a whip, and to be whipped. Aaron, for one, would never concede to being restrained or spanked. Perhaps Min Aaron might be more receptive to his neighbor’s new hobby. If not, tough. Connie was at the controls.

With everything in place, Connie resumed action. She clicked on the fast forward option to allow time in the video game to reach the current hour. Connie laughed until her sides hurt watching all of the Mins speed through their day. Min Aaron and Min Suzy ignored each other at a hundred miles an hour, until the female finally threw up her tiny little hands, packed a bag, and zipped offscreen.

Interesting. Connie raised an eyebrow. What had she set in motion with those two, and was it permanent? Perhaps Min Connie could console the dejected fellow with a turn at the rack.

The laughter quietly subsided, however, when the activity at Min Connie’s caught her eye. Her miniature likeness hurried through the morning rituals of breakfast, showering, and teeth brushing, then zipped off screen. She returned momentarily with her arms laden with shopping bags. Connie’s eyes widened as Min Connie shelved her newly bought books and compact discs.

Just as she had this morning.

“Oh, I wonder if Min Darla went shopping with her and bought a Minidress,” she breathed and, cringing, switched to aerial view to spy on Darla’s counterpart. She was so far gone into this game, she doubted anything would shock her at this point.

Min Darla’s house was empty, leaving Connie to assume Min Roy had beaten her to the punch. A few keystrokes later had Connie spying on all of Min City, alive and laughing and carrying on underneath the moonlit, computer generated sky.

She found the two lovebirds seated in a cozy booth in an upscale eatery. Mahogany paneling, a lobster tank, and hanging ferns. Classy. Either Min Roy was doing well on his salary or he knew how to budget.

And Min Darla had on a black dress with strappy heels. Doo doo doo-doo, doo doo doo-doo...

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