Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excerpt Tuesday: Erotic Romance Daringly Delicious

This week's excerpt will highlight a never before seen, uh, scene from my BBW romance, Daringly Delicious. There's a reason for this, too. I was recently offered a contract to put Delicious into audio format! I'm very excited to have my second audio book available, so here's a preview of what you'll be hearing probably early next year, if not sooner.

Also, Kindle has marked this title down to $1.99! Don't wait to get it. Meanwhile, here's a taste of something I hope you'll find delicious:


“Oh. My. Fuck. Ing. God!”

That was what Tish heard, anyway. Despite the hopefully positive body language Lauren Marbury exhibited—the dreamy smile, the raised eyebrows—Tish remained apprehensive. Perhaps if Lauren had waited until after swallowing the truffle to give her critique, she might have better interpreted the words.

Lauren appeared to have just finished off the one when she reached into the plastic container for another bonbon. The dark chocolate shell crackled between her teeth, and a diamond-shaped sliver broke away and landed on the heel of Lauren’s hand as she pulled it away. Tish could tell by the white pinwheel design piped around the truffle that Lauren had selected the chocolate key lime flavor—her signature concoction.

Appreciative moaning followed Lauren’s devouring of the second candy, and the woman licked the smeared chocolate from her fingers and palm. This Tish took as a good sign and she relaxed in the molded retro chair opposite Lauren’s. They sat in the little café dining area of Jake’s Organic—it was early and the store would open in thirty minutes. All around them workers in dark green shirts and long khaki pants bustled up and down aisles of shelves and the bank of registers, preparing for the new business day. Tish let the activity distract her momentarily as she remembered her days of punching a clock to make money on somebody else’s time. No more.

Thank the angels and saints she had the talent and drive to go into business for herself. She could wear any color she chose—a fortunate thing, since only so many shades complimented her large frame.

“Good night, lady!” Lauren sounded out of breath. “I think I need a cigarette now.” She patted her breastbone, stifling a burp, and brushed her hand against Tish’s with a laugh. Tish realized she must have looked surprised at the comment, and Lauren’s gesture served to assure her. Clients and potential clients often praised her work, but never before compared it to sex.

Like I’d know, she thought with some sarcasm. She pulled the hem of her short skirt over her chubby legs. Her “lucky” outfit—worn only to important meetings—began to feel a bit tight on her. Seeing how far back the hem of her skirt pulled when she first sat shocked Tish, and she realized she needed to stop eating so many of her culinary mistakes.

“I take it you like the samples,” she finally addressed Lauren’s enthusiasm.

“I adore the samples. I’ve tasted so many dry and tasteless cakes and goodies this week, I swear I was spitting out sand afterward. But this,” Lauren gestured to the sample tier of buttercream enrobed chocolate cake—crumbs sprinkling the wedge space where a piece had been cut—and the box of truffles, “is absolutely scrumptious.”

“Thank you,” Tish said.

“And you don’t have any exclusive agreements to supply cakes anywhere else?”

“No. I only just started with the cakes.” The swish of the nearby automatic sliding doors momentarily distracted Tish. The gorgeous hunk of man entering the store continued to hold her attention.

“The truffles are distributed all over Hampton Roads...and the Internet,” she managed before her voice died. Did she have a website? She couldn’t remember anymore. Her own name turned fuzzy and lost in the powerful aura given off by the sexy, dark man scanning the breadth of the store for assistance. He stood tall in a form-fitting white t-shirt that nicely set off his tanned arms, and black slacks helped display a nicely-rounded ass. Muscles twitched and cords in his neck tightened—he appeared anxious.

Pity. A more attractive, confident Tish might have extracted herself from the business meeting to offer the handsome stranger the opportunity to relieve that tension. She could guide him to the baking aisle, and select any of a wide variety of oils for a sensual massage.

I can knead dough, but I need a man.

She wished she could cross her legs to stop the rising throb in her pussy. She reached for a truffle and set it before her. No, she would not satisfy lust again with a fattening substitute.

All the while she listened to the store manager babble about her new wedding and special occasions registry, and how Jake’s had contracted with local florists and photographers, yada yada, but nothing was exclusive.

“Definitely, we’ll want to carry your truffles in the café.” Lauren twisted in her chair and gestured to the dessert display case. Hands fluttered, fingers snapped. Tish saw Lauren as a performance in excited body semaphore. “But an exclusive agreement to sell your wedding cakes through us would be wonderful,” Lauren continued. “We’d make it worth your while. We’re getting so many queries now, and nobody wants to go all the way to the beach for a cake. Other types of cake that you make, you could sell here and elsewhere...”

“Sure.” She glanced back to face Lauren, then another quick peek. He was gone in that split-second.


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