Saturday, May 7, 2011

99 Cent eBook Saturday - Nowhere Man

With the surge in 99 cent eBooks filling online retailers (this includes some of my own stuff), I thought to take a break from Social Saturday to survey some of these works and help readers determine if they are worth the price. Technically, all of them are, so I suppose it's more a matter of whether it's worth your time to read some of them. I have about $40 in Kindle credit stored up right now, and plenty of books for the rock book blog to keep me occupied, so the goal this summer is to read 30 at $.99.

Now, for this exercise I'll be picking books that aren't media darlings. So no HP Mallory or Amanda Hocking here. Please don't consider it a diss; I do have some of their books, but I would like to share the wealth here. I can relate to being an author trying to get attention in a wide field.

I'm starting this week with the title Nowhere Man, which I picked up based upon the Beatles connection. I thought it would make a good piece to review for Books That Rock Us given the synopsis of a conspiracy surrounding the death of John Lennon. I wouldn't be surprised to know that some suspect John was quieted by the government rather than a mental patient, so when I opened this book I looked forward to absorbing some intrigue. While the concept of the story drew me in, though, I did not find the actual execution of the story done well. If you are not a fan of telling instead of showing, I can say right now this is not your book. If you are intrigued by somewhat philosophical dialogue, you might find something to like here. For me, however, I would have preferred a little less conversation, etc.

If you know of a good 99 cent book I should feature here, please comment.

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bettye griffin said...

Does my own book count? Contemporary romance, Save The Best For Last, at Amazon,, and Smashwords.

Bettye Griffin