Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wine Wednesdays

If you're reading a blog called Me Want Food, naturally you'll expect talk about food. I do like to talk about it, probably as much as I enjoy eating it. Of course, as one eats one must drink, so for the next few months I plan to devote Wednesdays to wine. I feel I'm qualified to blog a bit about it - I have enough bottles in our makeshift wine cellar. A bottle a day...that's a year's worth of blogs right there.

Anyway, for this introductory post I thought I'd list some of my favorite area wineries. Around here, people call Virginia "Napa East," because there must be a hundred or so vineyards. We haven't visited them all, yet. One of these days we're taking a limo tour to hit as many as possible - there are many in Northern Virginia we haven't gotten to yet. In the meantime, we like to visit the following when we can:

Pollak Vineyards
Veritas Vineyards
King Family Vineyards
Blenheim Vineyards
Cardinal Point Winery
Flying Fox Winery

So keep an eye out for what we're drinking from here!

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