Monday, April 18, 2011

What I'm Reading - Honest Vamps

I have had Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on my Kindle for a while now, and have finally gotten around to reading it. I have to admit I've been quietly resisting the mash-up books, but this concept intrigued me more than Jane Austen zombies, so download it I did. So far it is fairly interesting - I'm about thirty pages in, so it's early yet.

Speaking of mash-ups, I did pick up one of the erotic versions of Pride and Prejudice when it was listed as a free read. Still need to read it, but I have noticed not everybody is happy about these books. Seems the more you sex them up, the more complaints you get from the purists who would prefer Darcy and company keep their pants on. Personally, if somebody has the patience to cross Austen with vampires or sex toys, at least make it interesting and believable. I don't know that I'd write a mash-up myself, but once upon a time I didn't think I'd write M/M, so never say never.

Although, this article in AReCafe talks about the possibility that works in the public domain could have their copyrights restored, so if that becomes commonplace it could be a challenge to continue this trend. You'd need permission of the copyright holder, and possibly have to negotiate royalties. Not saying this will happen, but never say never.

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