Saturday, April 9, 2011

Social Saturday: Goodreads = Good Ads?

Since Dead Barchetta's  release, I've tried a variety of advertising platforms to supplement organic marketing for the work. I've done paid Twitter campaigns, Project Wonderful, Google AdWords, and in May I'll have advertising on a few Kindle-oriented blogs. I get decent impression and hits, but am sorry to say turnover (sales) isn't quite what I'd hoped. In an effort to mix things up, I've decided to concentrate more on book-focused social networks, namely ARe Cafe and Goodreads and others, and experiment with new blurbs and sampling. In the meantime, I've invested in Goodreads advertising in an attempt to get some traction.

So far, impressions are incredible, but click-throughs are slow to come. People are adding the book to their TBR lists, but not much is happening after that. So this week will concentrate mainly on rewriting the ad and perhaps uploading a larger sample to attract readers. Once the campaign is over, I'll regroup and see what else there is to do.

In the meantime, I am currently shaping up my promotional plans for 2012. I hope to have another Leigh book (novel length) and another Kat book out then, and I'm giving serious thought to cutting out book fairs. Cons like RT and AAD may still be in the cards, but so far this year I have not done well with the book festivals. Much as I believe the Book 'Em event does well for its community, it's not good for me if I don't sell well there. Same with the Virginia Festival of the Book. It's a great investment of time, money, and wear and tear on my car, and when there's little ROI I need to concentrate on what works. Digital seems to be the road to take right now.

Of course, tomorrow I'll change my mind. We'll see. We always well.

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