Friday, April 15, 2011

Lastly...I Read This?!

Now we come to the end of the week, and for Friday I have decided to preempt Geddy Lee (sorry, ladies) to present a personal reading list. Namely, I will list below the authors I have read, but not necessarily liked, most often. Used to be once I found an author I liked I'd go on a tear, taking down 1-3 books in a week. Sue Grafton, for example: I burned through the first part of the alphabet in a book a day. That had been my last summer off.

Anyway, numbers are subject to change. I'm open to suggestions for new authors to try, too.

Rita Mae Brown - 24 (One signed; This doesn't count the two DNFs - High Hearts and Dolley. Couldn't get into the latter, though I still want to read it one day. Never got into the fox hunting mysteries, and I fizzled off the cat ones when Harry and Fair got back together.)

Agatha Christie - 10 (This is a bucket list item, to read the rest.)

Dick Francis - 38 (One signed; I'm missing a few here, in particular Field of Thirteen, which is a DNF. Love the novels, but couldn't get into the short stories.)

Sue Grafton - 15 (One signed; Got as far as O and hit a wall. In fact, I'm trying to remember if I even finished that one.)

Lewis Grizzard - 16 (Two signed; many of these are collections of his columns.)

Carl Hiaasen - 8 (This doesn't count one DNF, Skinny Dip. Not that I didn't like the book; I set it down one day and never got back to it. I had a baby, wanna fight over it?)

Mercedes Lackey - 9 (These are mainly Valdemar novels. Does not include DNF of the Valdemar story anth.)

Armistead Maupin - 6 (The original Barbary Lane novels; I bought Mary-Ann in Autumn, but after reading that Sweet Valley fiasco I admit I'm a bit apprehensive about revisiting old friends again.)

Anne Rice - 13 (One signed; DNFs are Lasher - ugh! - and Exit to Eden. I went to the Servant of the Bones signing but for some reason never read the book. I also read two of the Beauty books but didn't feel compelled to finish the series.)

JK Rowling - 7 (You know what they are.)

Danielle Steel - 24 (Don't think I'll be able to catch up at the rate she's going.)

Numbers subject to change. Never say never.

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