Saturday, April 23, 2011

Author Saturday: Making it Through the Rain

I have to hand it to the good people of Philadelphia, they are hardcore. Several months ago I helped organize authors to work a booth at the annual Philadelphia Book Festival, which happened on April 16th. Unfortunately for the committee, Mother Nature had decided to organize a frelling storm to drench the entire East Coast at the same time. We started the morning gray and dreary and cold, and by 1PM the rain started.

We attracted a crowd during the first half of the festival, but by 2PM I chose to bail when the rain worsened. Nonetheless, people still strolled the area in raincoats and toting umbrella. A local author who joined us told me people do tend to show for events in the city, rain or shine, so I appreciate everybody who showed up and visited our booth.

While I was there, I took note of a few desirable titles and purchased them later for my Kindle:

Immaculate Deception - Scott B. Pruden

These guys had the booth next to us, and passed out promo that looked like a Bible tract - clever. The Kindle version is only $2.99.

Jon Templeton has three days to reunite with his wife, save the universe and return from the dead. It's going to be a busy weekend.

In a near future ravaged by killer hurricanes, rampant overdevelopment and increasingly underdressed waitresses, ex-newsman Jon Templeton has had the worst Thursday of his life.

He's forced to fight off an amorous co-worker at the PR job he hates, only to have his wife discover his admirer's panties in his pocket.

Now he's dead, interrupted on his way to his heavenly reward by Eli, an elderly Rastafarian surfer who claims to be the Supreme Being.

Still reeling from having lost any chance of redemption in his human life, Jon is offered a mission: Discover for the surprisingly clueless deity the true identity of Lucas Scheafer, deputy to the Rev. Lawrence Whitaker and his sultry wife, Veronica, leaders of the sexually free-wheeling Church of the New Revelation, headquartered in America's new Sin City, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Jon's quest is paralleled by that of Mako Nikura, reluctant heir to a weapons and aerospace fortune, who hopes to find the secret to his father's death and its connection to the domestic terrorist organization SHAG. Little do Jon and Mako know, but their paths lead to the same exceptionally odd - and potentially cataclysmic - destination.

Cue the Rocky Music - Mike Kunda

While walking to Whole Foods for breakfast, I caught sight of a guy dressed like Rocky Balboa in his leather jacket and black hat. He even had the walk down. I have a Rocky movie fetish, so I had to get this one.

Cue the Rocky Music is a memoir for anyone who’s ever dared to follow their dreams or told they couldn’t. Mike Kunda wanted to be Rocky Balboa. What he didn’t know, was that in thirty years he would be.

You won’t know whether to wince or smile as young Mike wears costumes and faces bullies with a lack of physical prowess. Mike goes toe-to-toe with life and finds the courage to fail on his terms.

After a series of connections with Sylvester Stallone, Mike’s life goes from movie reel to real, as he takes another step toward his ideal job as a Rocky Balboa impersonator in Philadelphia.

Will let you know what I think of them.

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