Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Going forward, I will dedicate Wednesdays on the blog to my unending pursuit of a fine glass of Cabernet Franc. However, I couldn't let the momentous occasion of 4/20 pass without some kind of celebration.

For the record: I am a joker, non-smoker, non-midnight toker. Not to say I haven't tried it (I've been to RushCon, what happens stays), but having research it a bit for scenes in Dare to Dream I have concluded it could be something beneficial if used in moderation for medicinal purposes. I came upon a quote from Rodney Dangerfield, who once said his doctor advised him not to smoke cigarettes - that weed was actually better for him.

So if you are concerned that I might morph into Cheech and/or Chong, no worries. Chocolate is still my drug of choice. My thighs don't thank me for it, but if they wanted me to stop they would have tried already.

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