Monday, March 21, 2011

What I'm Reading - Picking Up Pieces

I might have mentioned on Twitter that our local Border's has been spared the ax. The one in Newport News was not so lucky, and after visiting to see what we could get I realize how it ended up on the chopping block. Even though that Border's was connected to a mall, it wasn't in the best location. Parking proved a challenge when we went, for one. If you have to drive for twenty minutes to park, you likely start to think you can get what you need at the Barnes and Noble a block away (literally, there is one that close), where there is ample parking. The day we arrived, books were set around 25-30% off, which is okay. I think if you have Borders Rewards you might get a better deal.

Anyway, I had hoped to pick up a few things for my RT drawing basket, and came away with some items. The Kobo reader was also marked down to $80 so I bought one. It's still in the box - my idea was to use it for a giveaway, but Hubby has his eye on it. I might get him a Nook to distract him, since I want one, too. The Sony readers were also marked down, but not by much.

I recently started a new blog, because I'm a masochist. Books That Rock Us looks at music-themed books - a suitable topic since I plan to write a few more rock and roll mysteries, and DLP has relevant titles. In my quest to find more books for that project, I picked up memoirs by Patti Smith and Pattie Boyd. I've wanted to read the latter's one for a while. I almost pulled the trigger on Keith Richards' book, but I think I will hold out for paperback or eBook on that one.

I bought a few middle reader starter books for the little one as well, the first Little House and a Nancy Drew collection. I started on them, so why not? If she wants to graduate from the classics to sparkling vampires I won't protest. At least she'll be reading.

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