Thursday, March 3, 2011

What I'm Eating: Ole!

I'm not quite sure where we got the idea that Mexican food is generally healthy. Now, I'm sure, as with any cuisine, some items are better than others. Of course, I tend to gravitate toward the beans and the chips, which are basically crack to a yo-yo dieter like me. Where I live, we are cat-swinging distance from three restaurants, so needless to say it's a safe bet we hit one of them once or twice a month.

For my next cooking experiment, however, I decided to try chicken fajitas, using a pound of white meat, pre-cut veggies, and a packet of seasoning mix - I looked for one with the lowest sodium count, but I should accept that will be the big challenge with a dish like this. I also bought corn tortillas because they are supposed to be the lesser evil compared to flour shells.

Hubby loves guac, too, so I bought some avocados and adapted a recipe from Alton Brown's website.

One thing about guacamole: you can't keep the fresh stuff around very long before it starts to brown. We got a few good days of dipping out of it, anyway.

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