Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I'm Drinking: St. What's?

This is a day we normally associate with beer. Whether it's a pint of smoky Guinness or a plastic cup of horse water dyed green, beer is what's on tap on St. Patrick's Day. Not being Irish, or a beer drinker, I tend to limit my imbibing on this day. Even though the holiday doesn't fall on a meatless Friday this year, you won't find any corned beef on my plate, either. I have decided to go veg for Lent for the full forty days, and the Sundays that are traditionally breaks from the fast. Usually when I do this I try to go longer to see how it takes before I crack. I don't usually last long, but I have a lot going on mentally and spiritually and could use the cleanse. I also want to wear skinny jeans again, one day.

I have decided, however, I will not deprive myself completely of vices. I might not eat as much chocolate this Lent, but I think I will hang onto the Virginia wine. Rather, I'll drink it, because we have so damn much of it. You should see the Excel spreadsheet I made up that cross references varietals and vineyards. Hubby and I have a few favorites among the Central Virginia wineries: Veritas, Blenheim, Pollak, and Cardinal Point for four. There's always at least one bottle from these four in the house, and I suspect it will take several Lents before we make a dent in the traveling cellar. If I had to choose a favorite varietal, I'd say Cabernet Franc red and Viognier white, which the Virginia wineries seem to do especially well. I'll certainly toast to St. Patrick this night, count on it.

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