Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Waldorf Salad, Hold the Statler

Once in a while you get a craving for something you don't have very often. For me, that would be the Waldorf Salad. Apparently they aren't very common in remote parts of England:

I recall several years ago my husband had prepared a doctored salad using tuna along with the other ingredients. For this small supper, I adapted a recipe found on the Food Network for a lower fat version. Instead of going full boar with the mayo, I used a serving of Greek yogurt, and for the apples I cut one Gala and one Granny Smith to stir in the with golden raisins, the dressing, the celery and the pepper. The walnuts came after a brief chilling period.

Together, the mixture turned out pretty good, and to complement the salad I sliced and fried up part of a sweet potato and sprinkled it with cinnamon and chipotle powder. There's enough left over that I might stir in some chicken later for some protein.

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