Monday, March 28, 2011


Before I picked up the Hunger Games books, the last YA-level books I'd read were the Harry Potters. Where genre is concerned, dystopia is not really my thing - paranormal I will read to some extent, but I find I gravitate to the types of stories I tend to write. With The Hunger Games, I had in my hands a story unlike anything else I'd read. I was reminded somewhat of those old Mad Max movies from the 80s, but like I said this isn't a genre I read so perhaps other readers think this is old hat.

By the time I got through Mockingjay, however, I'm sorry to say my interest in the series waned. If I know there's a trilogy, I do my best to stick it out, even if I'm underwhelmed by one book. Catching Fire, I think, was a better story than Mockingjay, though I had my issues with that one, particularly with Collins' habit of telling not showing in parts. Reading other reviews, I gathered more readers were interested in the supposed love triangle between the three principles - Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. That didn't concern me, since these really are not mean to read as romances. I won't spoil how Mockinjay resolves that, but I do think the last few chapters read a bit rushed and fell to a touch of deus ex machina. If you've seen The Manchurian Candidate (the original version), you'll see that influence in there.

Will I see the movies? I'm undecided. I don't get out to movies unless it's a cartoon with the little one. I'm a Harry Potter behind already. I suppose I'll wait for the casting news to come out before I decide on that.

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