Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keep a Winning Attitude

Those acquainted with me personally know I work in social media for the day job. My career as an Internet marketer began years ago in Atlanta, back before even Google hatched. In the late 20th century, the mindset of search engine optimization was that if you just submitted URLs with regularity to all the major sites (Hotbot, Lycos, Ask Jeeves...dang, it's like remembering when you had a Vic 20 computer) you were gold. I can not think of a more volatile industry than the one in which I work. There are times you literally have to start over, you are a perpetual student.

So naturally when Charlie Sheen announced his intention to hire an intern, I had to see how I rated among the 70K-plus applicants. Yes, I am aware of the notoriety attached to this, but I viewed this application as part challenge and part curiosity. Do I have what it takes to work at such a high level?

I took my entry seriously, too: this is what I do for a living...for now, at least. I must say I'm happy to see how far I have progressed in the search.

Depending on which source you believe, the Round 3 applicants either number 50 or 250. Having made the cut from 70,000+ is a nice boost for the ego, but then came the task of creating a video. In this multi-media round, I discuss the company best working in social media right now:

Let's see if I get to post about Round 4. Do I have the #tigerblood? I am Type O, if that means anything. In ten years, I hope to at least have #cougarblood. ;-)

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