Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy, Charlie Sheen, the Angry Birds, etc.

I'd been asked why, since I live only an hour or so away from this year's venue, why I did not attend EPICon this year. It's a rather personal reason, but my husband required oral surgery and the best date to have it done was EPICon weekend. Because we have a little one bent on destruction, I couldn't leave the two of them alone, so here I sit at home while everybody parties.

It had to be a year, too, that I'm up for an award. I've mentioned before that I've been nominated for the EPIC (formerly the EPPIE) many times in the past: sometimes as author, sometimes as editor. Never won. This year marked my second nomination in Poetry. I try not to play skeptic, but I don't consider myself a strong poet, just an odd one. Surely I didn't have a chance, right?


I heard the news straight from the #EPICon Twitter feed that Alessia Brio posted throughout the evening: Nuclear Soul by LK Ellwood has won the 2011 EPIC Award for Best Poetry eBook! It's my first EPIC award, and the first one for DLP Books, too. Not bad for a girl who received bad marks in poetry in my college creative writing class. Actually, I'm being hard on myself - they weren't all bad, and I did get an A in the course. Anyway, Nuclear Soul is just $.99 in eBook. You can buy it at OmniLit and download to your reader. Now that it's an award winner, I think I will try to get it in print. Thing is, it's rather short, so I might have to write some more.

What rhymes with orange?

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