Monday, March 7, 2011

A Hunger for Reading

I figure, as long as I am lending Kindle and Nook books through these specialty sites I might as well take advantage of the credits I had racked up and borrow one. Thing is, most of the titles that interested me were either not available to lend, or nobody on the sharing sites had the book. So, after poking around the recommendations a bit and seeing Mockingjay come up on a number of lists, I decided it best to start at the beginning. Within an hour of making the request, a kind soul lent me The Hunger Games.

I don't normally read YA - the Harry Potter books were the last ones I read. Seems every time I visit Barnes and Noble the YA section is growing and taking on a more mature slant. When I was younger, the YAs were slim paperbacks with art drawing covers - lots of series.... Sweet Valley, The Girls of Canby Hall. Now I see thick hardcovers with sophisticated wrap covers. The stories appear to follow suit - I don't recall reading anything like this in my teens. It doesn't surprise me now to hear how many adults are reading books like these.

Of course, as a teenager I graduated quickly from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie, perhaps because I hungered for more mature stories to read. I am already a chapter into this one, and am looking forward to see how it turns out.

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