Monday, March 21, 2011

100 Facts About Me, Part One

#100factsaboutme is trending on Twitter right now. Several years ago I had a 100 Things page on my main Kat website, but it's since disappeared in the wake of several redesigns. I doubt I can remember everything I wrote there, but I'm sure I can come up with another 100 things to shock and amaze you. I may consider myself an open book, but I'll let you decide. Hopefully nothing you'll read will deter you from wanting to come back here. I'll publish these in four parts.

1) I was 19 when I sold my first story. I was paid $150 for it, half immediately and half on publication. Took over a year to publish. Lesson learned: in publishing, be patient.

2) I was 29 was my first novel was published. Little Flowers was put out through a small house run by two sisters who, as it turned out, got in over their heads. I've told the story before, and in this new age of publishing it bears repeating as a warning. Someday. Anyway, you can still get Little Flowers on the Kindle, and it's sold better since I put it out than when it was at the first press.

3) The first novel length work I wrote was a middle-reader Star Trek book I wanted to sell through Bantam when they were doing Starfleet Academy books. Didn't happen.

4) In college I participated in a group novel writing project with other students. Experience was great, novel was crap.

5) I still have two incomplete trunk novels, handwritten, in binders. It's my goal to get them out in 2012.

6) My favorite authors are Dick Francis, James Ellroy, Carrie Fisher, and Agatha Christie.

7) I lived in Florida half of my life, and have spent the last decade in Virginia.

8) I really want to go back to Florida.

9) I work in social media for my day job. Also for my night job. And the mid-shift.

10) I look forward to the day I can work completely from home and set my own schedule.

11) As long as hubby keeps buying bicycles and cars, that's not happening.

12) People seem to think I love to work 24 hours a day. Not true. I only work 20 hours a day.

13) In all, I have published thirteen novels over two names, maybe more. I lose count.

14) I am presently working on number 14, a little bit at a time.

15) I will have been married for 17 years in July, but will have been with Hubby for 20 years in November.

16) I'd only had one serious boyfriend before him.

17) We broke up ultimately over religious differences.

18) I try not to discuss religion if I don't have to, despite having written four books on that theme.

19) My choice is life.

20) I don't consider myself a political person. I had registered as a Republican initially, but I don't identify as one.

21) My first car was a Mustang. I miss that car.

22) Second car was a red Pontiac Firebird. A cousin once said it was too sexy for me. She might have been right.

23) I have been to every state in the US with the exception of Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

24) I have been to six Canadian provinces (five while driving to get to Alaska).

25) The goal for 2011 is to get to Germany for a genealogy trip. I would like to sneak a day or two in the UK, since that might be the only chance I get to go.

Next post: I talk about food, and Rush. Maybe sex.

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