Monday, February 28, 2011

What I'm Reading - Let's Rock!

If you have not yet checked out the newly minted DLP Books blog, you should know that the very talented and funny Robin Slick has released her novel, Daddy Left Me Alone With God. If you know Robin, then you know this is the book she has carried in her heart for years, as the themes covered within are quite close to it. Parental pride, facing the prospect of empty nest syndrome, asking "what if" after a forbidden relationship then "what now" when you realize you have the chance to renew that love. It's a great book and I am pleased to help Robin get it to readers.

You can buy Daddy from DLP Books direct for only $2.99 in eBook format. It's also up on Kindle and the Nook, and Smashwords. The print version follows shortly, but if you want to wait for a signed copy and you live in the Philadelphia area, come by the Philadelphia Book Festival on April 16th. Robin and I will be there with our books, along with some other authors to be named soon (once I get everybody confirmed). This will be my second year there after taking a few years off - seemed Philly always conflicted with other events, but this year it's in a good spot. I like the area - and I'm excited also to return to Collingswood for their festival in the fall.

While you think about buying Robin's books, take a look at the trailer, which features music by Robin's equally talented daughter, Julie.

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