Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Knitting - Making a Point

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I had a disagreement with a kitchen mandolin. I believed I could slice a potato without the hand guard - it believed otherwise. I now must wear a bandage on my forefinger for a while, at least until the skin part heals. Not sure how much longer until the nail grows back.

I am trying not to let this injury set back my writing and knitting. This week, I did put my scarf project aside long enough to knit a little finger cozy to wear to keep the bandage in place:

Here I used a small skein of Sugar 'n Cream brand yarn, mostly white with colored speckles. Little One selected the color, and from there I used a pair of size 6 needles and cast on a little over an inch length for a stockingette pattern. From there I knit until the strip looked long enough to double over my forefinger, then I did the bind off and sewed up the sides.

As a finger cozy, it adds more bulk to the bandage, but it's more attractive to look at. It renders the finger useless when I type, but maybe after some wear I can do more stuff while wearing it. In case you're wondering, too, I don't consider this a gateway to cozies for private parts. If you really want one, though, this search in Etsy is a good place to start.


krispykremekiller said...

OMG!!! lol!!! That link is hilarious! Hope your finger is better soon. I guess once the nail grows back, you'll have a little shock absorber there.

krispykremekiller said...

OMG that link is hilarious! lol! I hope the finger is better soon. I guess when your nail comes in a bit more you'll have a little shock absorber.