Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I'm Eating - Choice Cuts

So we had this vegetable slicer that you can use to make waffle fries. Been in the box - never used - for 18 years, and the one night I decide to use it I end up in urgent care. Big ass bandage, tetanus shot, wounded pride. Blood-stained slicer in garbage.

In retrospect, this should not have happened. I had a hand guard and didn't use it because the potato was very large and I thought it long enough to be safe. Of course, when you slice a potato, it gets smaller. Heh.

What really sucks is that this is my left forefinger. I am left-handed, and this has truly cramped my writing. I type for a living, too, and have had to train myself to type with nine fingers while I heal. Luckily, though, I required no sutures or surgery, but I'm not looking forward to any painful regrowth.

Has this put me off cooking? No, I'll keep at the Cook This, Not That regimen, just alter it a bit to read Cut This, Not That.

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