Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Social Media Hierarchy for Authors - Planning the Promo Attack

If you're like me, you have subscribed to practically every single social site and tool that's launched in the last two years. Perhaps, like me, you're also tired and frazzled at the thought of having to log in to everything every time you have a new book to sell, event to promote, or interview or review to brag about. Social media overload can paralyze to the point where you feel as though you want nothing to do with it, and wonder if any of this noise is heard by somebody.

One thing to remember about utilizing social media for promoting your books is that: A) it's (mostly) free; B) it really doesn't require a huge investment of time; and C)if you set up a schedule, you can take care of your promotion simply. Many networks work seamlessly together, allowing you to save more time. All you need is the right strategy.

Let's say you have a new book to promote and want to get the word out. Once you've contacted prospective reviewers and bloggers for guest spots, next comes the big social blitz. Here is just an example of how I get the work done, and you'll see how many profiles overlap, thereby saving me a few seconds here and there.

1) Blog post.  I create the blog with the cover, links to buy the book, summary and maybe an excerpt to entice readers.

2) Post the blog link to my Facebook page wall. This automatically feeds to my Twitter, and the included link goes straight from Twitter to the blog. Then I may post the announcement on my profile wall for friends to see.

3) Click the Facebook like button on the blog post to get the link on my Facebook wall. Ask friends to do the same to promote the link.

4) Use StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit to bookmark the site. This helps encourage viewership from social bookmarking sites.

5) Time permitting, I might write an article for a database site, or create a Squidoo page to create some link love.

Now, will doing all of this guarantee my book will sell like hotcakes. Not necessarily, but what I can tell you is this: if I do nothing, nobody hears about the book. Then I definitely don't sell.

Social promotion is quick, painless, and it's out there forever. If it's not found today, it will be eventually, so don't hesitate in getting your information out there.

Kathryn Lively writes about Virginia Beach web design, social media writing, and mobile web development.

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