Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slip Sliding, Sweet Potato

In my quest to lose what I have gained back over the summer and fall, I have purchased a copy of Cook This, Not That and am taking advantage of the nights hubby works to get some cooking done. I'll say right now, the Weight Watchers I did last year was wonderful, it worked and I lost. They have since changed their program, though, and I got off it. Big mistake. Every time I go off that plan the weight comes back. I should know better that weight loss becomes weight management, and that I need to be forever vigilant of what I eat. These Eat This books really scare the crud out of me sometimes, when I realize "OMG, I put that in my mouth and swallowed it."


Today's recipe was for Chipotle Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries. I had been craving a burger for a while now, and with this dish I used the leanest ground I could find, hacked up a sweet potato and baked that while I pan fried the burgers. The ones without cheese I saved for hubby:

The recipe for the fries called for sprinkling the potatoes with olive oil and cayenne before baking, but I used more chipotle powder instead, then added some cinnamon when they were finished. Everything came out pretty good, though one of the sliders was a bit rarer than I usually take it.

Am thinking for the next recipe I will try another veggie side and maybe the baked chicken fingers with panko crumbs. I need to get the little one eating well, too, and that sounds like a good gateway.

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