Sunday, February 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - The Envelope Please? Wait for It.

Welcome back to my Sunday Six!

Still considering a title for this M/M work in progress. We began at a major awards ceremony with a nervous nominee, and he's right where we left him:


Who the hell texted him now? Everybody in the world knew where he was and should have appreciated his need for discretion right now.

He glanced down his row to see more than a few of the biggest names in the film industry clandestinely checking their own smart phones, their thumbs punching on tiny keywords, presumably offering fans color commentary via Twitter. That amusing notion helped allay some nerves, and as he checked his own BlackBerry he wanted to laugh out loud.

Relax, you're a shoe-in, read the text from his agent and sometime lover. Parker glanced over at Regina, sitting next to him, her own phone resting on her lap.


Not sure how much more I'll share of this one. Would like to get some more of it written. Perhaps this will be my spring project.

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