Monday, February 21, 2011

Shopping ala Groupon

Perhaps you, like the billions of other people using Groupon, picked up that Barnes and Noble GC deal the other week. I know some of you did, because I had a hell of a time getting into Groupon that day to buy mine. Nonetheless, I picked it up, and I discovered  I can download the eBooks into my Kobo reader, so life is good.

In addition to the $20 from Groupon, I had been given a $25 credit as well, leaving me a grand opportunity to feed my reader. Here's what I bought. I like a bit of variety in my reading - biographies and mystery mainly, but I've been wanting to try a zombie book and the Beatles one intrigued me. I've read all of the old Barbary Lane books, too, and saw there's a follow-up, so I grabbed that. The Amanda Hocking, one...well, it's not really my genre, but she's been in the eBook news lately, so why not?

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