Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guest Blog: Jody Wallace

Today at Me Want Food, I welcome author Jody Wallace and Meankitty! Thanks for stopping to chat! Please tell us a bit about your latest release, or what's coming up.

One Thousand Kisses is my latest novel. The release date is February 8, 2011, from Samhain Publishing. It's a fantasy romance about the president of the fairy Court, a stressed-out intern, and the magical cat who seems dead set on driving them both insane. Their adventures send them on a road trip in humanspace that spans the entire United States, from Key West to Nome, Alaska. Also, there are evil gnomes.

How did you become inspired to write this work?

Meankitty made me do it, and my editor at Samhain had her back.

Did you have to do a lot of research to complete this work?

I actually spent a lot of time researching coastal Florida, Key West and Nome. A friend of mine used to live in Nome and she helped me with atmospheric accuracy issues. She also made me take out most of the awesome trivia I'd managed to work into the story because--and I have no idea why she'd think this because it's not true--she said it was info-dumpy. Well, whatever. The heroine could totally have had a penchant for reading travel guidebooks aloud.

What is a day in your writing life like? Do you have a set schedule?

I wish. I got these kids, see. Their hobbies include clinging to mommy's legs and screaming; jumping off things; emptying out all the toys in the house in giant piles; refusing to eat healthy food; running amuck; reading over mommy's shoulder when mommy is trying to research dirty stuff; taunting the cats; crying because the cats got their sweet revenge; slamming doors; splashing all the water in the
tub into the bathroom floor; and telling mommy they love her very much when mommy gets really po'd at them.

Do you consider yourself a plotter or a pantser? Or maybe both?

Plotzer. I get a shiny idea for a plot and then my pantsy methodology pretty much destroys it.

Do you own an e-reader, or maybe two? How do you like it?

I had a Sony Clie first, a PDA, and I loved it, but it was kind of gnarly to get books on and off that little sucker. Then I got a Sony 505 (Sony loyalty!) that served me well for several years until it decided it hated the software I used to load books onto it. Or maybe the software hated the Sony? I don't know. There was just a lot of hate. Now I have a Kindle3 I had hoped to fob off on my mother since her local library is tiny, but she's a crotchety Luddite and she wasn't havin' it, dag nabbit.

What do you have planned writing wise for the rest of the year?

Remember what I said about my plans? I had a plan, with two lovely WIPs that had received much  acclaim from agents (read: 2 agents said the first page didn't suck) but I've already plotzed my plan out the window. Now I'm off in the weeds, editing a complete manuscript and thinking about writing a novella set in that same world. Not that I have a shiny plot for said novella yet, but I heard of this short
fiction contest...

Do you have any social media profiles/pages where readers can follow you?

Yahoo Newsletter: (very infrequent)

What was the last book that you read? What did you think?

I can't tell you or I'd have to... Let me rephrase that. I can't tell you or it would violate the terms of my RITA judging agreement! I've got 8 books for RWA's annual RITA contest I'm barrelling through right
now. But before that I read Zoe Archer's Rebel, the 3rd book in her Blades of the Rose series. I'll tell you what I thought with the warning that my opinion may be a little spoilery.

Pros for my tastes were the intricate worldbuilding; the strong heroine; the unique setting; the fact it was part of a series but could stand alone; the fact the author did introduce characters who were obviously going to be in other books but still made full use of those characters in this book instead of just pimping them out; and the fact that all protagonists worked as a team to win the day instead of just having the hero do it while everyone else huddled in fear. Cons for my tastes were the fact it was quite angsty and the fact the hero and heroine knew very quickly, through distinct zinginess, they were drawn together. In the first chapter for the next book, which was in the back of this one, that a similar effect was used for those protagonists. These cons, however, will be pros for other readers!

Do you have a favorite charity? How does it appeal to you?

Yes! I like the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN. I love thinking about the fact that an hour or so south of where I live, elephants roam the Tennessee savannah. Ok, it's not a savannah, but the elephants there have this gigantic living space and people are not allowed to bug them. They just get to live their big, grey, wrinkly lives in peace. And sometimes they mug delightfully for the ele-cam:

Meankitty says this should be my favorite charity, though: It's also in TN and it's big cats instead of big pachyderms.

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