Monday, January 24, 2011

What I'm Reading

Hubby had planned this Christmas to get me an eBook reader, but wasn't sure which one to buy me. Sure enough, the sales had passed, so I told him to wait on it and we'll shop around a bit. I already have several reader apps on my iTouch, and while I like the convenience the screen is a bit small. Recently Borders had a coupon for a nice discount on the Kobo Reader, so the other week I finally got my gift.

Compared to the original Kindle which I also own, the Kobo is equal in screen quality. It is a bit cumbersome in the search for books department - there is no keyboard, so you have to maneuver the movement button to spell out titles to search for. I think what I might do with this particular reader is buy the books on my laptop and transfer them over - that is very easy to do with this gadget. Only when I am away from my laptop and desperate for a book, will I resort to hunting and pecking.

Anyway, as you can see I have uploaded Up On the Housetop by Suzanne Rock (Loose ID). This title was one of the 12 Days of Christmas giveaways at All Romance. There are other freebies packed in as well, so I'll be reporting on them as they are read. Love how the covers transfer to the Kobo, but one thing I do want to warn you about is uploading PDFs to this thing. They seem to show as is, so if you get one with large margins the print may be too small. I tested Dead Barchetta on it and am trying to figure out how to make the text better. You are better off, I think, uploading EPUBs to this one.

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