Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I'm Knitting - Thinking Pink

I once read an article that declared writers should not have any outside interests. If one lives to write, or writes for a living, there should be nothing else outside of sleeping and going to the bathroom. I find if I don't take the occasional break to see what the sun looks like I go mad, and history has recorded enough crazy writers. So, for 2011 I have decided to pursue at least one vice to keep me balanced. I don't drink much, or do drugs (that I'll admit), and as I consider chocolate more a way of life than a vice, I turned to knitting.

Why knitting? Well, why not? Knitting is something I've always wanted to do, but never truly mastered. A number of writers I know knit - I've seen more than a few with their yarns and needles passing time at events. Plus, it seems to me the type of activity that yields something worth keeping. As of yet I have not taken any formal instruction - I've checked Youtube for some tutorials and managed to teach myself to knit and purl. Armed with a pair of pink needles and matching yarn, I set to work just before Christmas. I figured a simple scarf would be a good first project, and so far I have about a foot and a half length done. Once it appears long enough for the little one, I'll bind off and start something new.

Eventually I'd like to do an afghan - relatives have been kind to knit some for me when I was pregnant, and I'd like to pay it forward one day. I like that knitting, too, gives me time to think. I'm sure I'll incorporate it into a story soon.

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