Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I'm Eating - Whoopie!

Where I live, the city is frosting deep in the cupcake craze that people tell me is about played out in New York. Typical, once the sticks gets into the trend the big city has moved on (what is the new black in NYC now, designer mac and cheese?) but from the looks of things people are not bothered here. We have a cupcake truck now and a few new bakeries, but rather than talk about that now I'm reporting on a Christmas gift I'm still working on, bite by bite.

In celebration of the release of my latest mystery, a friend sent me half a dozen gourmet whoopie pies from Baking Whoopie.  Whoopie pies are sandwich treats - two cake "slices" held together by a thick cream filling. The traditional whoopie is white creme with chocolate cake, but like cupcakes they have enjoyed variations as created by imaginative pastry chefs. One can hit the Internet and order red velvet cake whoopies with cream cheese filling, chocolate whoopies with peanut butter creme, vanilla whoopies with chocolate creme (a reverse whoopie), and so forth. My gift consists of a variety of flavors, featuring most of the above and a chocolate with mocha sandwich.

So far I have tried the traditional and vanilla/vanilla whoopie and found them both delicious, and not sickeningly sweet. The actual pies are fairly small, about the circumference of my palm, and more than an inch thick. One bite is a mouthful that requires a lot attention, but the cake is not dry - in fact, they seem to taste better the colder they are. I wouldn't mind trying my own hand at making whoopies (wouldn't any romance author?), but the problem is I'm the only one in the house who will eat them. When a recipe yields twelve pies, guess who's eating them? 2011 is the year of losing the weight I gained back in 2010, so I have to be conservative when it comes to baking.

Eating, too. I've vowed to ration the pies to one half per evening. They're in a cool place, so hopefully they will keep.

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