Thursday, January 20, 2011

True Grit

On nights when the hubby is teaching late, I usually grab one of my favorite cookbooks. The Grit Cookbook is the official tome of the Athens, GA eatery where Hubby and I ate literally every night when we lived there. If you ever thought vegetarian food consisted mainly of salad bar and rice cakes, you need to head down there for a true education.

My favorite dish there was something called The Golden Bowl - a simple combination of fried tofu and brown rice. The recipe's in the book and find I've made that one more than anything else. Although, as often as I've made it, I have yet to get the tofu cubes to the consistency that the Grit cooks get it. I'm not entirely convinced, therefore, that the whole recipe is revealed. Or maybe I just don't have the right stuff for browning tofu.

I can only hope, though, that I've committed the recipe well enough to memory. Since we moved, I've search high and low for the cookbook and can't find it. I'm close to admitting defeat and buying a new one, because there are other great recipes I want to have on hand. The Grit makes this incredible cornbread and awesome homemade desserts as well. One thing to remember about the place, too, is that it doesn't necessarily equate vegetarian with diet. We certainly didn't lose much weight eating there.

If we ever get back to Athens, I hope to have one more meal there. It will probably be The Golden Bowl, but I don't mind. I'll just have to remember to keep a few cubes of Grit Tofu for careful analysis.

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