Thursday, January 13, 2011


One of the biggest challenges my husband and I have faced since moving to Virginia Beach is finding a decent barbecue joint. Yeah, you may be thinking now - Wait, what? Virginia is the south? What's up with that? True, but as a culinary commonwealth Virginia is known for other delights like peanut soup, ham, crab cakes, and wine... all of which are plentiful and delicious here. Barbecue - the smoky pork and succulent brisket - I have realized is better enjoyed a bit deeper south than where we are, though it hasn't stopped us from finding a place to call our own.

The other day my day job boss bought us all lunch at a place called Mojo Bones in the Ocean View area. I had the pork sandwich with slaw, which I enjoyed. Usually when I try a BBQ place for the first time the pork is the litmus test - if I like that I'll move on to other platters. Yet, as good as the sandwich was, I thought its size in correspondence to the price was a bit uneven. My boss had the brisket sandwich, and said he had to pull away about a third of it to cull the fat.

Granted, this was lunch, so I can't speak for the all around quality of the restaurant. A co-worker speaks well of Mojo Bones, so I am willing to give it another try with my husband and see what their ribs are like.


jalbertbowdenii said...

Pierce's BBQ in Williamsburg is the chronic. Also, heading S to NC, as soon as you cross the border on your left. I actually hit that guy up on my way back from the outer banks as a ritual. It's really greasy/diner but oh, so, good.

Kat said...

Love Pierce's, it's a long drive from where I am though.

Is that Malbon's on the border?