Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Knitting: The Scarf in Progress

Sorry to say I haven't made much progress in the kitting department. This past week a series of illnesses - first my daughter's, then my own respiratory infection - sidetracked me. What lucid time I did have available was spent on other projects. Right now I'd say the scarf is close to two feet long. It is my intent to use the entire skein of yarn on this one. As it's for a small one, I don't expect to use much more than that.

I have two skeins of an off-white for my next project - still undecided about that one, but I suspect it will be another scarf since I haven't had time to search for a knitting class in town. I did find instructions for a double stockingette stitch that I would like to try, however, and I will probably make my scarf a bit narrower. I really would like to get started on that one soon because the pink is starting to wear on me a bit.

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