Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to Order My Books on Your Mobile Phone

Lot of people I know use their smart phones to read books. I don't have such a device, but I do own the iTouch, which is good for reading eBooks as well. I use it, too. I have about 5-6 different reader apps on it, and switch back and forth depending on my mood. If you own the iTouch, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android and your phone allows you to download reader applications, then here's some good news: you can read any of my eBooks anytime, anywhere! Whether it's any of my Phaze Books titles or my catalog at DLP Books, you could enjoy yourself in minutes.

Need help figuring it all out? Here's a little primer that will have you adding some great titles to your library.

eBook Applications

Most eBook readers available for the top smart phones are proprietary to major booksellers. Others work similarly and are tied to their own eCommerce systems. Depending on your device, you should just be able to go to the Applications function and add them easily. The top ones you should have include:

Kindle (

Barnes and Noble (

Kobo (

Stanza (

Now, with the first three apps, it is fairly easy to get my books. Simply find the search/buy books function in each app, do a search for Leigh Ellwood or Kathryn Lively or L.K. Ellwood, and you're golden. On Kobo, however, you won't find as many books as you will in other spots, but I plan to amend that as I have recently signed with them to sell DLP titles.

With the Stanza Reader, you can purchase titles by me that are available through Smashwords, All Romance, or Books on Board. Choose the Get Books icon at the bottom of your screen, then select your vendor.

With, you can search by author and choose your title. You'll be taken to to buy, and when you have completed the purchase make sure you download the ePub format to read in the Stanza.

With Smashwords, you can search by author as well. There are a few listings for Leigh Ellwood, pick the one with the most titles. When you choose a title, you'll be taken to to purchase. After purchase, select the ePub option that allows you to launch the Stanza reader and the book should open for you.

With Books on Board, you'll only find a few of my titles. Working to amend that as well. Here you register your account and make the purchase - there won't be a launch to another site.

On the Google Books reader, the only title available is Taste This, so I'll need to see about getting on iBookstore.

If you purchase books directly from Phaze or DLP Books, I find it is easiest to have the Kindle App reader. You take the PRC file and load it into the Kindle folder on your laptop, then sync up. That should get the book up there. All Romance also has good instructions on loading books into your Kindle, and the tips should also apply to reader apps.

As I find new reader apps I'll make that information available as well.

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